Key Programmes

Skill Acquisition Initiative

At Zether Skills and Empowerment Foundation, we are strategically positioned to directly tackle unemployment and relatively tackle crime and miscreants because once individuals are trained and empowered they have lot more self-dependency.

Our trainings are designed to provide a platform to train and educate individuals on skills that can help create wealth. Participants will be trained to foster better-informed skill acquisition and produce more creative and well-thought-out services that result in better offerings to the consumer. Our skills acquisition and empowerment training is built on an active, experimental and practical learning sessions. We train people on different skills of their choices.

  • Hair making
  • Shoe making
  • Make-up and “gele” tying (head gear)
  • Web design,
  • Graphics design
  • Catering
  • event management and decorations
  • Photography
  • Bead making and wire works
  • pedicure and manicure

We also teach basics of entrepreneurship and also empower some financially. Our trainings usually last between 3 – 9 weeks intensively after which students are issued a certificate of participation.

We will soon open up our portal for registration of interested participants.


Agriculture Initiative

At Zether Skills and Empowerment Foundation, we believe Agriculture will go a long way to support the Job Creation Policies of government and Youth Empowerment, we carefully open up Agricultural oriented initiative to create job opportunities for farmers through massive increase in agricultural production via soft loans, grants and seminars. Agribusiness opportunities will be created by linking farmers to consumer and industrial food markets for the selling of their produce. Their capacity to capture more value along the agricultural value chain will also be enhanced through the development of support schemes towards their participation in the establishment and operation of upstream and downstream ancillary agro-allied industries. Zether Skills and Empowerment Foundation will soon partner with various stakeholders to strengthen this campaign.


Health Care Initiative

Our NGO Zether is burdened to improve the health status of women through a strategic linkage that combines health education, research and resource appropriate interventions. We encourage women and youths to be proactive about their own health by empowering them with life –saving health information and practical skills on wellness strategies.


Loans and Grants

We open gateways to people who are willing to get soft loans to help them establish themselves in business and also bring open grants to the entrepreneurs to help them invest in various business to better the financial status of the society.