Agriculture Initiative

At Zethar Skills and Empowerment Foundation, we believe Agriculture will go a long way to support the Job Creation Policies of government and Youth Empowerment, we carefully open up Agricultural oriented initiative to create job opportunities for farmers through massive increase in agricultural production via soft loans, grants and seminars. Agribusiness opportunities will be created by linking farmers to consumer and industrial food markets for the selling of their produce. Their capacity to capture more value along the agricultural value chain will also be enhanced through the development of support schemes towards their participation in the establishment and operation of upstream and downstream ancillary agro-allied industries. Zethar Skills and Empowerment Foundation will soon partner with various stakeholders to strengthen this campaign.

24 thoughts on “Agriculture Initiative

  1. The NGO is a welcomed initiative and I look forward to be a part of it. We ask that God will bless the initiative andidi all those delegently involved .

  2. So many positive things has being said about this organisation, how its poised to saving lives and stabilizing the shaky and ailing economy of Nigeria,through it aggressive agricultural education, re -orientation and funding to the teaming helpless farmers that makes up the citizenry of this country.
    I must commend,the visioneers and the vision itself, and i say, may God in his infinitude mercy strengthen and prosper this organisation for ever and ever, amen.

  3. Many people have made statement s on NGOs but I am yet to find one so passionate about the poor masses like this, my contact with zethar, makes meaning . may God help it to grow, and hanest lives for Jesus, I there fore recommend zethar to all people for assistance ,sponsorship, partnership and cooperation, I choose to belong to zethar, Mrs Dominion I am an ambassedor for your NGO,

  4. This initiative will be a blessing to the people of Nigeria and to our economy, more grease to your elbow, am ready to be part of this program.

  5. my name is Grace Agbaja am so happy about this zethar stuff bcos it has really helped a lot of people most especially me bcos I do HV a gud business idea but no capital to start d business n that today u see a lot of youth working a lot not that they nt no wht to do the kn they do HV business ideas too but no capital to start such business that why u see a lot of them getting this money through ways that re not pure but with this I believe it is an eye opener for Nigerians God bless Zethar group has God his using u people to change life, why do I say so is becos a lot of pole HV died bcos of thinking nothing to do no job God bless Zethar groups.

  6. Hello Sir.
    Agricultural is a best thing to do. That is why I choose to be self employed, by engaging myself in agriculture. Iam Eger to have this empowerment.


  7. I am glad to see such a wonderful initiative that will empower masses if properly implemented. kudos to the Initiator. How do I join the organisation,please?

  8. This is very true. Only agriculture can save us in ds country. With agriculture Nigeria will go a long way of creating job opportunities to its citizens, it can also increase our international trade by exporting our products. This has been my dream!

  9. all Taraba registered members are eagerly waiting for your program that was purported for August even as contained in your northeast coordinator.

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