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About ZetharZether Skills and Empowerment Foundation as an (NGO) is strategically positioned to capacity building, our heart desire is to see people achieve their dreams by assisting them to develop what they have interest for. Seminars and Workshop is key to this Mission...


About the GrantGrants all over the world are always needed for a particular purpose to advance human development. The purpose of this particular grant available in Nigeria is for economic revolution. The Ordinary Nigerian must be given the opportunity to offer solution to...


Beneficiaries of the GrantZethar Skills and Empowerment Center is using the grant to drive towards (1) Agricultural Practices with values added (2) Production of finished goods of various kinds (3) Manufacturing (4) Processing of raw materials of various kinds (5) Skill and talent-driven market....


Benefits of the GrantDiversification of the economy of the government can only be genuine when the people of this nation are the ones engaging the economy. There will be competition in the market thereby generating enough supply to the point of equilibrium, making...


Top Features

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Fraudulent Activity Disclaimer

It has come to Zethar's attention that individuals misrepresenting themselves as Zethar Coordinators/Agents or representatives have offered Zethar Operations/Opportunities in a fraudulent way with the intent to acquire funds, personal information or solicit money from people wanting to work with us. Specifically, offers from one MARY BAAMLONG who is misrepresenting our operations. One of Zethars core values is integrity and we want to help participants avoid any unpleasant experiences. Zethar would never ask a participants/beneficiaries for funds apart from the stipulated charges for money as a term of participation/ mobilization. Anyone can view our operations and requirements at www.zethar.org. Any of such persons should be reported to us or the nearest Police station. You may also contact us 07060528125

List of Programmes

Hair Making/Shoe Making 100%
Photography/Make-up and “Gele” Tying 100%
Web Design/Graphics Design 100%
Bead making and wire works/Pedicure and manicure 100%
Catering/Event Management and Decorations 100%

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Skill Acquisition Initiative

At Zethar Skills and Empowerment Foundation, we are strategically positioned to directly tackle unemployment and relatively tackle crime and miscreants

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Loans and Grants

We open gateways to people who are willing to get soft loans to help them establish themselves in business and

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Health Care Initiative

Our NGO Zethar is burdened to improve the health status of women through a strategic linkage that combines health education,

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Agriculture Initiative

At Zethar Skills and Empowerment Foundation, we believe Agriculture will go a long way to support the Job Creation Policies

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